Thursday, July 24, 2008

Like the New Template?

Was lookin' at the site and decided it needed a change, so I put a new template on there. So, hope you like it. I will probably change it every month or so 

Apple Airs New iPhone 3G Ads

After a while of no 1st generation iPhone commercials, Apple has aired 3 new ads. The first one, called "Everyone," shows the "Twice as fast" features such as Safari pages, documents in Mail, and the amazing GPS. The second one, called "Unslow," is also about the iPhone's 3G. It starts off by saying,"What is 3G?," and throughout the ad is saying that you are able to do guessed it, Twice as Fast. The third one, "Work Friendly," is describing the Enterprise features, how it pushes everything to you. In other words, it works great.....with work. So anyways just keeps your eyes out for those new ads.