Monday, July 7, 2008

GRIFFIN Cases for the iPhone 3G

I know Griffin already announced their iPhone 3G Cases, but, since I am always satisfied with their cases, I just wanted to tell you about them. They currently have 7 cases that are being advertised. They have the Elan Clip, Elan Form, Elan Holster, FlexGrip, Nu Form, Streamline, and they have the Griffin WAVE. All of these are wonderful cases I'm sure. To visit their site just take a click on the post title.

3G iPhone Plans STARTING at $47 in some other countries! seems that over here in the US, we have to pay a BUNCH more than anybody else does. We have plans starting at like 70 bucks, but over in Portugal and Italy, they start at 47 dollars. As previously heard over at MacRumors, people here in the US are outraged about the high prices. To have a 3G iPhone, you will have to pay a total of like $2,000 over the period of a 2-year contract. I guess we'll just have to see what happens in the future.

iPhone 3G Launch Time Officially Confirmed!!

Apple announced that the official iPhone 3G release time is 8am on July 11th. This was previously announced by AT&T and then, recently, confirmed by Apple. You can find this announcement by clicking on this post's title.

iPhone 3G Displays, Demo Units Getting Ready Right Before Launch

It's about time. As displayed last year, iPhone Displays and Demo Units will be put in tomorrow. You can see the iPhone 3G one in the picture above provided by GIZMODO.I have always loved that Apple/AT&T has done this so that there will be a 'big screen' displaying, basically, a screen guided our. It's cool how they have kind of an "iPhone (3G) Only Section" so that it is easy to find.
Employees are being told to buy Apps from the AppStore on July 10th, so we will probably not be able to 'play with the iPhone 3G's' until the launch day.