Tuesday, July 1, 2008

iPod Touch Owners To Get January Apps in 2.0 Software

Hey guys, good news. For those of you iPod touch owners who haven't gotten the January Software Upgrade, you WILL be able to get it in the 2.0 Software Upgrade. That's the good thing that happens when you WAIT. See, I have an iPod touch and got the Upgrade ($20), and now I'll have to get the 2.0 ($10) , which is a total of 30 dollars. But, if you DIDN'T get the Jan. Soft. Upgrade, then you'll only have to pay $10 for both of 'em. Anyways, good news for you guys who haven't gotten it.

AT&T Released iPhone Data Plans

The awaited info.... the iPhone 3G plans. AT&T has finally released the iPhone data/voice/text plans. Again, as announced in the WWDC, the subsidized price of the iPhone 3G will be $199 (8GB Black) and $299 (16GB Black/White). People, such as myself, that are already existing customers have to be ELIGIBLE to get the iPhone for the subsidized price. For people who are NOT eligible, the prices will be $399 ad $499. For our unlocking friends, there, on an unannounced later date, will be an iPhone going on sale for $599 and $699. That is a very high price but if you wanna unlock your iPhone, then your REALLY gonna have to pay for it. Wow.....Finally, the information we've all been waiting for, and it's here. To look at the plans, click on this article's title.

Apple iPhone 3G Guided Tour/What's New

Apple just released their iPhone 3G guided tour and an additional video called What's New. I think you can guess what it's about. Anyways, the guided tour is very detailed and is very helpful for those of you who have never watched the first iPhone guided tour, or you have never really been that interested in the 1st generation iPhone. If you wanna watch the Guided Tour and the What's New video for yourself, click on the post title.